Beauty Tips: Hair Care During Harmattan

Hi guys, we are close to the harmattan season again and I’m sure many of us has been getting ready on how to rock this season, but what we are talking about today is how to take care of your natural hair during this harmattan season. we all know that the season is usually dry, dusty and Cold also. This is not good for our natural hair. It tends to dry out our hair much faster and make it have this straw like look or feel like sponges. It also causes breakage and makes hair thin. So we did some research on how care for our hair during this hash season. Below are the effective way to care for your hair during this season.

Deep Conditioning: This is also important. As long as hair isn’t in any protective style, please and please deep condition once a week. This helps curb breakage and also keeps your hair healthy and away from the dangers of harmattan. You don’t have to do deep conditioning. If you don’t want to use store bought deep conditioners, you can make yours. Here are a few I learnt that are easy and fast.

*Aloe DC: Aloe vera juice helps prevent and reduce breakage. Its best to use juice straight from the plant. Mix it with your favourite conditioner and olive oil. Mix, massage into hair, wear a shower cap, leave for 30 minutes and rinse out. Afterwards you pat dry and seal hair with your carrier oil, shea butter or a mixture of both.

*Coconut milk DC: You can buy coconut milk (milk not oil). Or you can make yours. Blend the edible part of the coconut with water, separate the chaff from the milky part and keep for a day. Then next  the milky part would be below and the water on top, pour the water out and use as a DC. Massage into hair, cover and let it sit for maybe an hour then rinse out and seal. Helps reduce drying out of hair and retains moisture.

*Conditioner DC: Mix your conditioner with olive or coconut oil and a few drops of an essential oil (Lavender  for example). Apply in hair, leave for 30 minutes or an hour, rinse, seal and style.


Moisturizing and Sealing in Hair: After cowashing hair, use your leave in and then seal with mixture of olive oil and shea butter. olive oil is more long lasting, coconut oil dries out really fast but if you feel comfortable using  coconut oil you are good to go.

Spray Bottle: You should have a spray bottle with you. A spray bottle is where you have your water, oil, leave in,  glycerin mixture. It’s very essential in a Nathead’s life. You can have a small spray bottle so you take it with you wherever and you can spritz from time to time to re-moisturise your hair.


Head wraps: If you are feeling very lazy, head wraps are a great go-to. They prevent your hair from the harsh weather and retain your moisture. And at night, keep on your satin bonnet or scarf to prevent moisture loss while asleep.

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