BBNaija: Pere’s Media Team Speaks On White Room Twist

The media team for Big Brother Naija housemate Pere has commented on the eviction night twist that pitted Pere against Angel for a place in the final.

The team released a statement calling for trust in the Big Brother Naija system, adding that they believe their principal will pull through.

The statement read: “Bigbrother has a tradition of fair conduct spanning Its history. As a platform that has helped so many people over the years, their integrity is indispensable, and the credibility of their process has barely ever been in question.

“This is why they’ve led by example over the years which in turn makes the show the biggest platform in Africa.

“The events of yesterday created so much uproar among our fans, neutrals, and even our competitors.

“The ripple effect of this event has thrown our voting team off-balance in terms of our preparedness for the final week of voting.

“Even though we feel unfairly at a disadvantage, we still believe it’s a twist and a game that will play out and eventually make our votes count.

“We must trust the process and integrity of the platform. The platform wouldn’t allow the efforts of millions of people that went all out to vote to go in vain.

“One of our major voting team coordinators had a life-threatening accident last week while trying to solicit and coordinate our votes, not to talk of different incidents involving our team members in different states putting them in harm’s way while voting tirelessly.

“They invested resources, time, sweat, and sleepless nights just to get Pere into the final week.

“It’s being rumoured that some of our supporters are planning on taking certain actions to express their anger and frustration.

“We appreciate every one of you, for your unwavering solidarity, but we implore everyone to stay calm and exercise patience.

“Let’s allow the twist to play out and eventually take Pere to the finals. Make no mistake, our votes will count. Thanks for your support.”

Pere and Angel are isolated in the ‘White Room’ where they have to fight their way back into the show through ‘trucks and screwdrivers’.

This development sparked several reactions on social media platforms as the voting poll indicated that Pere had 25.31% of votes cast, while Angel had 14.63%.


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