BBN All Stars; The Finalists Are Here, As Angel, Soma, And Venita Goes Home

As the Big Brother Naija All Stars continues to get to it’s end stages, we waved goodbye to three more housemates last night.

Angel, Soma, and Venita says goodbye to the house, leaving us with the final six contestants: Adekunle, Ceec, Cross, Ilebaye, Mercy Eke, and Pere. Host Ebuka kept things lively during the eviction show, uncovering some intriguing secrets from the housemates.

Last night’s evictions were full of energy and emotions. The stylish Soma stole the spotlight when Ebuka revealed he was the next to leave the All Stars House.

He sprinted to the head of the house mezzanine floor, chanting, “From two weeks to nine weeks!” It was clear he was thrilled to have made it this far. When Ebuka appeared on the big screen, the nominated housemates surprised everyone by breaking into song, a first for the season, showing their satisfaction at making it so far.

Although Angel was shocked by her boo’s eviction, her departure seemed like a relief as she would soon reunite with Soma.

The first evictee of the night was Venita, whose tearful journey to the stage touched fans’ hearts, especially when Adekunle asked for a hug. Venita replied, “If you want one.” Their brief hug and Venita’s comment about waiting for him after his exit left us wondering if a new romance might blossom outside the house.

Next up was Soma, who faced a tough choice. Ebuka gave him an ultimatum: stay in the house with Angel or leave and be with his girlfriend outside. Soma chose Angel, a decision reciprocated by Angel herself when she joined Ebuka on stage after her eviction.

Ebuka turned the spotlight on Pere, asking about his journey in the house, which had its fair share of ups and downs. Pere defended himself, saying that conflicts and misunderstandings are a part of human relationships. He emphasized that it’s everyone’s responsibility to work on resolving these differences.

Ceec found herself in the hot seat when Ebuka asked about the kiss she planted on Neoenergy’s picture. She openly admitted that if she were single, Neoenergy would have been a strong contender, mainly because of his appealing scent and other attractive qualities.

Mercy Eke was questioned about how she managed to survive the final nominations. She credited her resilience to the strong relationships she had built within the house.

This was evident in her emotional reaction when Angel was evicted, as she shared a heartfelt hug and even shed a few tears.

With just one more week left in the house and voting lines open, the competition to crown the ultimate All Star is heating up. Adekunle, Ceec, Cross, Ilebaye, Mercy Eke, and Pere are now in their final sprint towards the grand prize of 120 Million Naira. Who will emerge as the ultimate All Star? The suspense is building!

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