Afro-fusion sensation Areezy releases “No Evidence” 

– Embracing Victory in the Rhythm of Afrobeats

The Afro-fusion star on the rise Ariyo Awodele popularly known as Areezy recognised for his distinctive style that seamlessly blends traditional African sounds with modern-day influences has once again strike with a song that resonates with audiences across the globe titled, “No Evidence”.

The Africa Giant, Burna Boy’s inspired track “No Evidence” is a powerful record that encapsulates the essence of the age-old adage that actions speak louder than words. Against the backdrop of pulsating Afrobeats rhythms and infectious melodies, the song encapsulates the essence of taking bold strides towards victory, where the results achieved need no justification.


The Supersound produced track has a fusion of vibrant drill-inspired instrumentals, soul-stirring vocals, and dynamic beats, “No Evidence” carries listeners on a sonic journey that resonates deeply with the belief that success is its own justification.


In a world that demands constant explanations and validations, “No Evidence” emerges as a spirited reminder that true success speaks for itself. The song invites us to channel our inner champions, to pursue our goals relentlessly, and to trust that by focusing on excellence and winning, the noise of doubt and skepticism fades into oblivion. The track’s vibrant beats and compelling lyrics emphasize that while others may doubt, question, or challenge, those who rise above through determination and achievement require no additional evidence.


With its pulsating rhythm, catchy hooks, and dynamic arrangement, “No Evidence” draws listeners into a world where victory isn’t just celebrated, but embodied. The song’s euphoric energy uplifts spirits, urging individuals to embrace their endeavors with confidence, knowing that success is the ultimate vindication.


Areezy an afro-fusion rising star who has over the years displayed his ability to infuse infectious rhythms with meaningful messages has consistently pushed boundaries with a string of successful releases under his belt, Areezy continues to captivate audiences with his infectious melodies, vibrant energy, and compelling storytelling.


“No Evidence” is available for streaming on all major platforms.


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