Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic Students Cry out over Molested Female Colleague by School Security

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Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic Students Cry out over Molested Female Colleague by School Security

…seek government and human rights help

Aggrieved students of Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic, Ijebu Igbo has cried foul of a fellow colleague from the department of Mass Communication identified as Lesi Folashade who was bartered by the school security (soldier) having stood her ground that she will be writing her exams since she has her cash payment with her.

According to a close colleague who claimed anonymity disclosed that it all started when the Cisco office in the institution got burnt thereby affecting the continuation of exams as students were mandated to make a contribution of N5000 each, Lesi Folashade who could not make the payment as at the grace expiration time, came in with her cash to the exam premises but was denied entry into the exam hall as the soldiers insisted that the payment was late.

Shade’s refusal to leave the exam hall entrance warranted the security men to rough-handled her; denying over other 100 final students who could not make payment.

With several injuries inflicted on her, the soldiers refused to let her go.

Insider however disclosed that having informed the rector of the institution of the situation on ground; the rector feels no remorse about it.

Folasade was later driven to ‘Topan’ police station by Dean Students Affairs, Ms. Jokotagba (DSA) where she was detained for no cause.

The aggrieved students equally noted that the Rector of the institution, Prof. Jumoke Bilesanmi Awoderu is not doing anything on the case.

At about 10pm yesterday, Folashade was released but the students of the school insisted that they want the government to intervene and the matter taken to court.

It’s so disheartening that in this present age and time, a security personnel of a government owned tertiary institution will maltreat a student, especially a lady in such a barbaric manner

Here are photos of the bartered Folashade Lesi.




Please help spread the news until people in authority step into the matter.

Concerned students of Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic.

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