8 Facts About Kendrick Lamar you probably didn’t know

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Hip Hop has come a long way from men bragging about their dexterity on the mic to men really using the mic to pass a message to the world and one of its true messenger is King KENDRICK LAMAR.

Here are 9 random facts about Kendrick Lamar you probably didn’t know

1. He made good grades

While Lamar was in school, he was a stellar student. Despite passing his classes on the teacher’s good side,he was real shy and didn’t really show off his intelligence.

2. He is an over-zealous Lady Gaga fan.

This isn’t just because the two worked on ‘Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe’ together. The rapper has nothing but praise for Queen Monster, calling her a “free spirit in the studio.”
“It’s just great to be around people that inspire you
from another genre, you know. In fact, it’s even bigger for her to respect hip-hop music the way she does, true hip-hop music, so much respect to her,” he said in an interview.

3. The rapper is a family man.

Being from Compton, there have been stereotypes
that Lamar has had to deal with. Although he may not necessarily have had the easiest time growing up, he expresses how blessed he feels to have his family around, especially his parents. He is so grateful for their support that he reportedly spent his recent earnings on them rather than just himself.
“Now that I’m financially stable I’m able to help
them,” he said in an interview. “That’s all I care about. I haven’t bought myself anything yet. My biggest purchase for them was buying them a house and seeing my brother go to college.”

4. He doesn’t do drugs

This is the most unbelievable facts here . K.Dot doesn’t drink or do drugs. While the idea of smoking weed has been floating around in the lyrics of the latest hit rap tracks, Lamar is one of the spitters who won’t be taking part in that

5. Kendrick Lamar used to go by K. Dot.

Lamar has been rapping since he was a kid and went
by the stage name, K. Dot. However as he got older, he thought that going by his real name would be a better move for his career.

6. Snoop Dogg has nothing but love for him.

With so many rappers coming out of the woodwork these days, it’s safe to say that competition is pretty common in hip-hop. However, Snoop Dogg who is a legend not only in the genre but also on the West Coast, gives props to the Compton rapper. “I love Kendrick Lamar, I love his success, I love his story, his hustle,” he said in one of his interviews an interviews .

7. He was on the set of Tupac and Dr. Dre’s ‘California Love’ video.

Being a huge Tupac fan, the lyricist witnessed the
genius of the late rapper at a very young age. When
he was 7 years old, Lamar saw Tupac and Dr. Dre, who he would later work closely with, filming their music video for the 1995 hit, ‘California Love.’

“I was in Compton and they were shooting the first
version of it,” he said in an interview. “They stopped right in front of the middle of the street.
My father went to the house to get me and put me on his shoulders to watch them shoot.”

8. Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar went to the same high school.

Although they finished many years apart, Dre and
Lamar both went to Compton’s Centennial High

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