4 reasons Arsene Wenger will not quit Arsenal at the end of the season

4 reasons Arsene Wenger will not quit Arsenal at the end of the season

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is currently under fire for most of his tactical approaches to games, and fans have called for him to quit the Emirates stadium. This season, the Gunners have limited or no hope of winning any title after suffering an embarrassing 5-1 first leg defeat at Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League.

On Saturday, March 4, 2017, the Gunners suffered an embarrassing 3-1defeat in their Premier League tie at Liverpool, a game which infuriated more Arsenal faithful. Although there are calls for Wenger to leave, here are four reasons the manager will stay for at least another season as Arsenal manager.

No pressure Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger in good mood Since Arsene Wenger became the coach of Arsenal in September 1996; the club’s management has never pilled any pressure on him which means they are satisfied with his services. There is also a two-year contract extension on the table for the 67-year-old as his current contract expires at the end of the current season.

The Frenchman is used to criticisms Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger Arsene Wenger has adapted to heavy criticism from many Arsenal fans around the world as he has never been frustrated or threatens to leave as a result of being badly criticized.

Winning the UEFA Champions League Barcelona players holding the Champions League

trophy while Wenger in bad mood On May 17, 2006 Spanish giants Barcelona came from one goal down to beat Arsenal 2-1 in the UEFA Champions League final, and ever since then Arsenal have not made it to the final.Wenger said after the game in Paris that he wouldlove to win the Champions League title before leaving the Gunners and this could prompt him to sign a contract extension at the end of the season.

Pre- season arrangement, Arsenal players Arsene Wenger is reportedly making plans for pre season tournament with many believing that the 67-year-old will sign another contract at the Emirates stadium. He was said to have been involved in booking hotels for the Gunners’ pre season tour.

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