2016 men’s Denim Trend

2016 men’s Denim Trend

Stay ahead of the game with this guide to what this year means for Jeans

There will always be those style purists who say that dark, unsullied denim (preferably selvedge) is the only kind worth investing in for versatility and longevity. And this article is not for them. Besides, when did fashion ever concern itself with such practicalities?
For the rest of us, denim has moved on since tailor Jacob W. Davis and dry-goods salesman Levi Strauss patented the rivet in 1873. Indeed, the 20th century’s most iconic garment – the blue jean – is positively overripe for designers to experiment with and subvert.

And they’re doing it in their droves. These are the denim trends to buy into for this season and (slightly further) beyond.


We have some distressing news (at least for those purists): distressing is in for SS16.
“This season it’s all about sulphur washes and over-dye treatments for that authentic, lived-in look,” says Gordon Richardson, Creative Director of Top-man. “Rips are also becoming more and more extreme, with double-knee slashes and holes.” Some of the particularly well-ventilated results wouldn’t look out of place on Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler circa 1980.
The most extreme examples, though, come from new LA label Amiri, which channels the blown-up jeans of bands like Guns N’ Roses and Mötley Crüe. “Amiri takes distressing to a new level of authenticity,” says Ben Hurren, Denim Buyer at Selfridges, which is carrying the brand exclusively for this season. “Each piece is peppered by gunshot.” Seriously – they shoot them with a shotgun. Expect to shell out big bucks for the privilege.





















In other words, denim with added interest. Not (necessarily) rhinestone butterflies. Maybe it’s the necessary corollary to the trend for extreme distressing, but patchwork is becoming more common. And not just to prevent your jeans from falling apart, but also as a means of making your jeans your own through badges and other decoration.
Looking ahead, there was a thread for embroidered denim running through the AW16 menswear shows – especially floral, as impish designers played with denim’s conventionally masculine work wear connotations.

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