20 Year old Girl Commits Suicide for Failing an Examination

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20 Year old Girl Commits Suicide for Failing an Examination

A 20 year old girl, Moji Agboola, took some poison intentionally in Omu-Aran, Kwara State, eventually leading to her death because of her failure in a SSS class examination.

According to reports the poison didn’t kill her immediately, her family took her to the church first for prayers and deliverance, and it only got worse. She later confessed at the hospital, to taking poison and then she died.

It’s obvious that the more reason Moji took her own life is because she was fed up and got tired of topping the class from behind rather from the front, also from her age it’s possible that she is the oldest in the class and her classmates who fall between the ages of 12 and 15 who should accord her some respect rather mock her and call her names such as ‘anuty olodo, ‘agbaya’, ‘repeater’ and the likes.

Things like this is likely to recur as long as we live in a society where people who don’t feel good enough academically are put down, instead of helping find solutions to make them better and more confident. Even some parents remind their academically struggling children at every turn how they are “disappointed in them” instead of working with them to help them find solutions.

To avert this, we need to sensitize young people that failure is temporary and also to help them focus more on their skills and be confident.

However, suicide is never an option because life is sweet, but first, we need to show people by our actions that we have better alternatives for them.

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