Youth group celebrate international youth day on the beach

Youth group celebrate international youth day on the beach

The sky was clear. The waves kept flirting with the shore. The horses were gracefully strutting to and fro. Some kids were laughing and playing in a floatable boat nearby. In the center of this beautiful scenery, a small group of beautiful minds and young leaders gathered to celebrate the international youth day at Oniru Beach, Lagos state.

Few minutes were devoted to everyone giving a brief introduction and saying something about what they do. The rest of the evening was spent executing a paradigm shift to position everyone present for success while also empowering us to lend others a helping hand.

Law Joshua, who had organized this powerful event for great minds to inspire one another as we mark the international youth day, was the moderator of the beach hangout. He talked about how he found his calling to impact lives and give those determined to achieve their dreams a helping hand. He noted that constructive networking is one major factor that has gotten him as far as he has reached.


Insightful discussions started when Amb. Daniel Nwodi took the floor to intimate us with what led to the forming of Student Without Borders International and his volunteering experiences with Yali as a member of the Yali Regional Leadership Centre, within and outside Africa. Daniel’s inspiring story took us down memory lane to as far back as 2004. He also seized the opportunity to unravel the mystery and power of networking. Using practical life examples, he enlightened us on how to accumulate networking contacts currency and how to spend it wisely to accelerate our careers.

The one investment that never depreciates but always appreciates is real estate. Mr. Ike spent his allowed time exploring with us the opportunities available to youths in the real estate industry.

At one time or the other in our lives, at least for me, we’ve all stood in from of the mirror pretending to talk to an audience hanging on our every word. By sheer luck, some of us have been able to replicate this scene without wetting our clothes or going momentarily dumb, while some others actually have speaking in front of people, and a camera too, as a career. The beautiful Dickson Vivian is an upcoming TV and radio presenter. She made it clear how it was a privilege to be in the midst of such great minds. And most especially, how she has been putting into practice all the good that will help her reach her dream.

Capturing the good times, the bad times and all in between is what the talented photographer; Abiola Adenugba does well and with innate passion. Abiola started her photography career after her high school days when she was seeking admission into tertiary institutions. She works with Photoshop and other image editing software that refines the beauties she captures on her lens.

Among the bright minds on that wavy day was a digital lawyer, a new career niche suited to meet the unique needs of today’s increasing digital world. Faith Obafemi used her opportunity to tell others how she turned life’s obstacles into ladders that landed her in a career many in the legal profession had not given much thought.


Between 2008 and 2014, I moved to at least 7 houses, I spent an average of 12 months in one house. Those were my student years, so moving was light; moreover, I had few properties.

Assuming it was a family of 8, moving from a house they had lived for 8 years, the chaos and stress are better imagined. This is where Nwachuku Ike of Ikonic Concepts helps to maintain sanity. He is into the haulage business, he inspired us with a story of how he started and how he got to where he is today.


Nokia 3310 has been replaced with the smartphone, Fiat money is already gradually being replaced with crypto currency. As the world goes digital, every life activity must of necessity adapt. John Kelvin Onyekachi, the digital marketing guru used his time to explain how we can use digital marketing to build a thriving personal or business brand.

Although it was a small gathering, we were able to make impact in each other’s life in the limited time we spent at the beach. We were energized. We networked. And we now have the duty to go out there and make impact


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