Young Entrepreneur: Kolesho Olusegun CEO Klux Prints

 Kolesho Olusegun; CEO Klux Prints

Koleosho Olusegun Nathaniel, a native of Ogun State and the 3rd child of the family of six is a young Nigerian entrepreneur, brand developer who is the CEO of Klux Prints.  

How long have you been printing industry?

Professionally, I started around 2009 and was after I finished my 4 years course in Retailing and Production.

What are the initial challenges you faced when you kicked off the business?

 There are so many challenges in all areas of specialization, there is always a challenge. But basically when I started the first challenge I faced was a time when I don’t have a laptop to design jobs for myself, and I will need to use a graphics designer whereby they will need to charge me more than the price I will charge my clients.

Secondly, was when I don’t even have a printing machine to run impression; I had have to run up and down to get it printed.

Other challenges includes doing free jobs for client just because for referrals. I have done so many free jobs which I saw as sacrifice, but that kind of sacrifice hurts.

Another challenge is when client tells me they have someone who will do it for less but I always try my best convince them that our services are different, I am not a graphic guy turned printer overnight, it is what I studied and I’m  good at what I  do. So many challenges but with God all things are possible.

What inspired your interest in printing?

The interest started when I finished my WAEC I did jamb but jamb was actually “jambing” me, so I just decided to try something else. I have a friend called Ayuba then, I walked up to him and I told him I really want to know about paper works, like printing, etc. And he showed me the way, so since then I do go to a printing press nearby with him, where they have like institute, so I enrolled myself and I learnt it for like 4/5 years before I finished and I started my own.


As an entrepreneur under the present economic situation of the country, what’s your take on the turn of things and what affect is it having on your business?

Presently it’s affecting business so much, the price of materials increases every day, when you go to the market there is a paper we call art-paper, when you go to the market and ask for the price of 175grams of it, by the time you get there the following day the price would have changed. Meanwhile clients will not even want to listen to you that the price have changed but you will have to do what you can do to keep the clients to yourself. It’s really affecting things seriously.

As on organization what services do you provide?

Basically we do branding, packaging and advertising but printing is the general name, but as specialized area like we have digital printing, upset printing, screen printing so many areas but we are professionals, we therefore provide all of these amongst which are physical branding advertising, billboard and digital marketing.

What notable brands have you worked with?

I have worked for Gospel Singer Bunmi Akinnanu Adeoye (Omije Ojumi), Biodun Okeowo, Lee Ents, Billy QueB(London promoter). Alaafin of Oyo, Brymo, I also did some branding for Lauryn Hill’s concert held in Eko Hotel 2 years ago that was organised by Xmedia. Others includes famous Nollywood celebrities, Fadeke Momoh, Chioma Okorie, Juliet Ibrahim, Iceberg slim, Total Recall Media, I did the stage with Buzz Laff  by Owen Gee with his stage on Africa Magi, I also did the stage for All Youths Award, MAYA Awards and I have worked and still working for so many entrepreneurs and Agencies home and abroad.

Where do you see Klux Prints in a couple of years from now?

I see us becoming one of the biggest printing and branding company in Nigeria and abroad. Although it’s not easy achieving that, because you know printing advance every day, they bring in new technology, new machines are being introduced. But I know with God we will get there.





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