Young Entrepreneur: Emmanuel Ifetayo Daniel CEO Taynardees Fashion Hub

Young Entrepreneur: Emmanuel Ifetayo Daniel CEO Taynardees Fashion Hub

Emmanuel Ifetayo Daniel is the Chief Executive Officer cum Project Manager of Taynardee Fashion Hub, an online fashion outlet which was recently launched in Lagos specializes in the sale of 85 percent authentic made in Nigeria fashion products.

What is Taynardees Fashion Hub out to achieve?

Taynardees Fashion Hub is your number one source for indigenous and Nigerian initiated foreign fashion wears and accessories. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of fashion and style, with a focus on dependability, customer service, uniqueness and professionalism.

Our vision is to be Africa’s foremost fashion company providing bespoke and ready to wear clothing by creating the best experience with exclusive styles and designs accomplished with great customer experience for all our customers. We also aim at providing best quality products and services at the lowest possible price. Our aim is to have at least 85% Nigerian owned/made fashion products on our website.

What inspired the launch of Taynardees Fashion Hub?

Well all over the years we have always trusted foreign made and owned products more than our own Nigeria made products, and it feels to me like we don’t really respect ourselves. Let me put it that way. I know there are a lot talented designers, stylist bloggers. So I was like lets create a platform that will encourage people, so many youth have the sense of blogging fashion, many people believe in the foreigners more than us.

So I decided to do something that is indigenous. We have some foreign products on our platform, buts just about 15% and these are the things that we do not have capacity to produce here in Nigeria.

Prior to the launch of Taynardees Fashion Hub, what are you doing?

We have been into clothing, bespoke clothing and ready-made and then we started the fashion hub.

At Taynardees, aside from the online hub, what fashion items do you make?

Okay, we make female and male ready-made clothing including shirts, gowns, skirt and footwear.

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What were your initial challenges starting off as a young entrepreneur?

I must say funding was a challenge, at a point we were stocked for lack of funds, another challenges we still face is getting quality materials, we try as much as we could to get Nigerian made fabrics, we have issues with that, so we have to do with some Nigeria made fabric and foreign made also. And also we had issues with some people at first, people that don’t believe in Nigeria fabric, but we have been able to conquer that, for now we don’t have any returns and no complains. We only receive good ratings from our customers.

Would you say your decision to be an entrepreneur rather than 8-5 job is paying off?

Well it’s paying off so far, but we wish to expand but so far it’s paying off. We are hoping when we need to expand we won’t face challenges financially.

In a couple of years from now, where do you see Taynardees Fashion Hub?

We see it as a major fashion hub, home and abroad, where people can go for their fashion product; A fashion hub that will be known for shopping quality fashion product. In 3 years to come we believe we would have expanded enough to take Taynardees far and wide.

What measures do you have in place already to curb vendors who would put sub-standard products that can tarnish the image of the hub?

We have two major on that, when they bring every product, we check the quality of the fabric and the finishing or the sewing or making. We also have the terms agreed on between the vendors and the hub that if your product gets bad rating 3 times, we will be forced to drop such vendors because we wouldn’t want such negative ratings to affect other vendors.

Let’s talk about you, how would you describe your personality?

Am a very jovial, shy type, I don’t like much crowd, not moody but at times I keep myself, I love music. I am a chorister in my church, I play musical instrument too, I love games, I joke a lot and I don’t take life too serious, I plan and live life the way it comes.

I am from a family 5, with both parents late. I am from Kwara State, I attended NITEL Staff School, Oshodi, and secondary school was Meiran Community High School, Meiran, after which I proceeded to the Lagos State Polytechnic and OSC Fashion College, where I developed my fashion abilities.

How do cope as a teenager, with your both parents late?

That is life, when life throws me down; I jumped up, because am going somewhere….

What inspires you?

What inspires me most in life is God, because I can’t do without Him, and also Arts inspires me a lot, I love arts so much.

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