Yahoo Boys Caught While Attempting to use a girl for Ritual

Yahoo Boys Caught While Attempting to use a girl for Ritual 

According to the poster of the report, two suspected internet fraudster (aka yahoo boys), were nabbed for attempting, to whisk away a girl for the purpose of money ritual in a car booth.

However, names of the alleged culprits were not given, as they were paraded naked before the public.

According to the report “This solemn message goes to all the ladies who jump after some young men with money without verifying what he does for a living, some have and they know their boyfriend is into yahoo but they do not bother to find out the type of rituals he engage in for the ‘maga’ to pay. He lavishes money on you, takes you on trips around the world and ride you in coffers of blood money, yet you are happy. Some even leave the country to sojourn with them in another country, a day of reckoning is coming.

“The danger is your future has already ended before it started. It’s just a matter of time before your gradual falls begins, that is if you eventually survive the ordeal with your life.

You destroy another’s man fortune and some of them commit suicide especially the old pensioner women and you think you and your husband will find peace? You lie big time! Whatsoever a man sow in this life that he shall reap, and the reaping is at the time when life is sweetest to you.

“Hard work pays. Young woman if he cannot prove where he works run for your dear life as fast as your legs can carry you. A stitch in time saves nine.

Ignorance is not an excuse when karma calls to collect her debt, You must pay!! – A word is enough for the wise.

Be warned!

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