Ways to Upgrade Your Closet From 20-Something to 30-Something

Style-wise, there’s a grace period after you’ve been handed your college diploma where your campus wardrobe still flies. After you’ve switched into a new decade, though, some things need tossing and others reworking. You’re a mature woman who knows what she wants and where she’s going—make sure your clothing and accessories show it.

Invest in a Good Pair of Work Shoes


If your shoe rack is still overstuffed with beaten-up, seen-better-day styles with scuffs, stains, and way too many nicks, pencil in some clean-out time. Instead of having 20 pairs, pick and choose wisely. The savviest addition to your grown-ass-woman footwear wardrobe? A pair of well-made heels: They’re classic, sleek, and will make everything you own, from work trousers to ripped jeans, look better.

Buy Budget, But Wisely


Pulling in a bigger pay-check doesn’t mean buying only designer duds from plushly carpeted, expensively perfumed stores. Your favourite lower-priced lines are still worth shopping, but be more discerning about what you toss on the checkout counter. Solid hues tend to read as more expensive than busy prints, as do neutrals over jewel tones (the cheaper fabric won’t pack the same visual punch). Skip overly embellished items too, since the flimsier construction typically means those delicate accents won’t fare well.

Find a Sophisticated Bag


Clean out threadbare purses that have exposed plastic piping and frayed trim. If you buy only one accessory, pick a luxe-looking satchel that won’t feel out of place paired with your sharpest office attire. You can spend a lot on designer pieces, but there’s plenty in the market that’s well-constructed and won’t require dipping into savings. Look for a pebbled, textured finish over smooth since it won’t show wear as much.

Become Friends With a Tailor

graphic stripe dress1

The oft-repeated advice about having things tailored is said so much because it’s completely true. Whether cheap or expensive, a garment will never look its best if it doesn’t fit you perfectly. The benefit of taking in dresses, blazers, tops, and pants for a little nip and tuck is twofold. Not only will you look like the got-her-stuff-together type of person who can make it to the tailor, but your clothes will instantly appear twice as expensive as they actually were.

Make Your Accessories Count


When considering where to invest in your closet, identify the pieces that will work the hardest and be seen the most. If you’re still shoving receipts and loose cash in a one-size-fits-all zipped pouch, treat yourself to a real wallet (so grown-up, right?). It’ll make staying organized easier while sending a subtle style message every time you take it out.

Upgrade Your Outerwear


Coats make the first sartorial impression, so don’t just pull on whatever without thinking it through. If you still count a puffer as your main jacket, it’s time to update. Shop for classic silhouettes that you’ll be able to wear for the next 10 years; natural fibers like wool and cashmere will look better and feel richer than synthetic options.

Take Care of Everything


Fact: Everything you own will look more sophisticated if it’s well taken care of. Stop haphazardly throwing things into your closet and consider whether something is being stored crumpled, folded, or wrinkled in a way that will damage its structure or do harm to the fabric. Hang things properly, stuff handbags with tissue paper, and use a rack or boxes to keep shoes together and safe from being crushed.

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