Watch President Obama’s Teenage Daugther Malia Twerking Video

During Malia recent appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke mum Michelle revealed the pair had “rocked out” while she taught her daughter to drive and last month President Obama’s daughter reportedly celebrated her birthday at a club in Amsterdam.
The teenager graduated High School earlier this summer

Malia Obama confirmed her status as the coolest first daughter as she hit Lollapalooza this weekend in Chicago festival with pals as she watched Mac Miller’s set and looked like she was having a great time booty-popping.
In another video the youngster can be seen in a boob-tube and denim hotpants as she gyrates against her friend.
She looks like she’s having a great time despite the constant presence of the Secret Service, Malia has still managed to do the normal teenage stuff.
Aside from the eye-rolls at their father’s dad jokes, earlier this year a picture of Malia giving her little sister a double-thumbs up while she spoke to Ryan Reynolds at a State Dinner at the White House went viral.
Malia was 10 when she first moved into the White House and, alongside her younger sister Sasha, has grown-up in the spotlight and the duo have provided some light relief from the stiff world of politics.

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