WAEC sets Punishment for Examination Malpractice

WAEC sets Punishment for Examination Malpractice                                                                            

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) in collaboration with its underling, the Nigeria Examinations Committee (NEC) has agreed at a meeting, to punish those found guilty of examination malpractices.

The decision was made at the 62nd meeting of the organizations held recently in Lagos, where a communiqué was developed as a statement of intent.

Report states that the organizations approved the entire results of candidates involved in proven cases, which attract Cancellation of Entire Results (CER) to be cancelled, while subject results of those involved in proven cases which attract Cancellation of Subject Results (CSR), be similarly cancelled.

Other sanctions include barring a candidate for a number of years if found guilty of exam malpractice, while some schools and their administrative heads will be blacklisted if they are believed to have compromised standards.

According to the communiqué, these and other sanctions will be implemented without delay.

By: Uche Okonkwo

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