Using Powder Eyeshadow to Colour your Hair

Hair Shadowing is officially the easiest way to change your hair colour…

With so many inspirational hair colour ideas out there, it’s hard to not feel the pinch to try something new. But, once you dye your hair a different colour there’s no turning back,  Unless! You employ the technique of hair shadowing.

Here is how to

Using what’s in your make-up bag to get all ‘my little pony’ on your curls. By using eyeshadows to temporarily dye your hair, this art minimises any damage you may get from bleach and other hair dyes.


And it’s so simple. All you have to do is tightly hold a powder eyeshadow against your hair from where you want the colour to start, and then run it down the length of your hair, much like hair chalks. Once it’s in place, it won’t budge,  until you brush it out (which will give it a lighter effect) or wash it out with shampoo (which will get rid of the colour all together).

The best part is, any of your best eyeshadow shades will work. So, if you want to dye your hair blue, pink, red, purple or even green, you can. And you won’t have to worry about any catastrophic outcomes.


The only rule is that you use a powder formula. Creams and liquids just won’t cut it.


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