Unilorin Promotes 552 Members of Academic & Non-academic Staff

Unilorin Promotes 552 Members of Academic & Non-academic Staff

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), Prof. AbdulGaniyu Ambali, has approved the elevation of 552 staff members, comprising 95 academic staff; 157 professional and technical staff, 121 Registry staff and 179 junior staff.

According to a statement by the Directorate of Human Resources of the Registry Department, the promotion was confirmed following the ratification by the University’s Appointment and Promotion Committee, which met in the last days of September.

Among those promoted are one Principal Assistant Registrar, who was elevated to the position of Deputy Registrar on CONTISS 14 while six Senior Assistant Registrars were promoted to the position of Principal Assistant Registrars on CONTISS 13.

Also, six Assistant Registrars were promoted Senior Assistant Registrars on CONTISS 11 while ten Administrative Officers became Assistant Registrars on CONTISS 09. In the same vein, 14 Administrative Assistants were moved to Administrative Officers on CONTISS 08.

In the Executive cadre, one staff member, who was Principal Executive Officer (CONTISS 11), became Assistant Chief Executive Officer (CONTISS 12) while four others were elevated from Principal Executive Officer 11 (CONTISS 09) to Principal Executive Officer 1 (CONTISS 11). Twenty five other Executive Officers (CONTISS 06) were raised to Higher Executive Officers (CONTISS 07) while at the Secretary cadre, six new Chief Confidential Secretaries (CONTISS 13) have emerged from Assistant Chief Confidential Secretaries (CONTISS 12).

One staff member was promoted from Principal Confidential Secretary 1 (CONTISS 11) to Assistant Chief Confidential Secretary (CONTISS 12) just like only one person moved from Senior Confidential Secretary (CONTISS 08) to Principal Confidential Secretary (CONTISS 09). Six others moved from CONTISS 07 to CONTISS 08 in the cadre while fifteen others were moved from the Senior Secretarial Assistant II, CONTISS 06, to Senior Secretarial Assistant I, CONTISS 07. About twenty six others moved from CONTISS 05 to CONTISS 06.

Of the 95 academic staff that were promoted, 38 were elevated from Lecturer I on CONUASS 04 to Senior Lecturer on CONUASS 05 while 25 others moved from Lecturer II on CONUASS 03 to Lecturer I on CONUASS 04. Thirty-two others were promoted from Assistant Lecturer on CONUASS 02 to Lecturer II on CONUASS 03.

From the pool of professional and technical staff, four people got promoted from CONTISS 13 to CONTISS 14. Two Chief Accountants in the Bursary Department became Deputy Bursars, while one staff member each from Academic Planning Unit and Directorate of Computer Science and Information Services (COMSIT) became Deputy Directors. Also 19 staff members from the University Health Services, Legal Services Unit, Teaching and Research Farm, Academic Planning Unit, Industrial Chemistry Laboratory among others were elevated to CONTISS 13.

Furthermore, one staff member of the Health Services Unit moved from CONTISS 11 to 12, while another person from the Veterinary Teaching Hospital was elevated from CONTISS 11 to CONTISS 12.

Twenty-four other members of staff from the University Library, the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, the University Health Services, Internal Audi Unitt, Central Workshop, COMSIT, Bursary and Physiology Laboratory got promoted from CONTISS 09 to CONTISS 11. Seventeen other officers moved from CONTISS 08 to CONTISS 09, while 31 officers also moved from CONTISS 07 to CONTISS 08.

From the Store Unit, Central Administration, COMSIT and Works Department, more than 60 officers were elevated from CONTISS 06 to CONTISS 07.

In the junior category, four people, all from the Security Unit, were elevated from CONTISS 01 to CONTISS 02 while 40 staff got promoted from CONTISS 02 to CONTISS 03 from Units like the Zoological Garden, Security, Works, and Veterinary Laboratory. Fifty Clerical Officers Caretakers/Cleaners and Patrolmen were promoted from CONTISS 03 to CONTISS 04 while 61 others were promoted from CONTISS 04 to 05 from among the Gardeners, Patrol supervisors and Drivers. Another group of 24 officers were promoted from CONTISS 05 to CONTISS 06 in the category.

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