The Queen to Feature in a documentary about the coronation

The monarch will open up about her memories of her father being crowned King George VI

The Queen will star in a new documentary made about her 1953 coronation. The monarch will also talk about her memories of when her father was crowned King George VI in 1937.

“I’ve seen one coronation, and been the recipient in the other, which is pretty remarkable,” she says.

The documentary will also feature others who took part in the royal proceedings, including a 12-year-old choir boy, who became nervous on the day and lost his voice. Furthermore, the programme will give an insight into the history of the Crown Jewels – another subject the Queen will talk about.

“It is a real honour to have Her Majesty the Queen revealing her intimate knowledge of the Crown Jewels – and fond childhood memories from when her father was crowned King George VI in this very special film for BBC One,” said the BBC’s director of content, Charlotte Moore.

“In her own words, the Queen will bring to life the enduring symbolic importance of the coronation ceremonies for modern audiences to enjoy.”

The Coronation will air on BBC One on 14 January at 8pm.


Source: Harper bazaar


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