The Perfect Blush Colours for Different Skin Tone

The Perfect Blush Colours for Different Skin Tone

The right blush can warm up your skin tone, create the illusion of cheekbones, and even make you look younger. “Yes, it can” Here, are the most flattering shades for fair, medium, and dark skin tone.


Baby Pink

This one’s pretty obvious: Pale pink is the shade most people with fair skin blush, so as a blush, it looks natural. “On fair skin, baby pink gives a subtle flush. It’s almost like the same colour as the inside of your lip, If you have really fair skin, other shades can tend to look orangey on you.



The most universally flattering, can’t-go-wrong blush shade? Peach. “Anybody can put on peach blush and look fantastic, which is why you’ll see this shade as a pick for multiple skin tones. On fair skin, peach is especially flattering if your complexion has yellow undertones. “It has orange and yellow tones, so it enhances the natural flush.




Some medium skin tones are already warm, so they only need slight enhancement. Apricot with a tinge of orange is flattering and subtle. On medium skin, this shade is soft and flirty and fresh. It allows you to go bolder with the rest of the makeup.




Want something a little edgier? Go for a muted mauve. “This shade looks rich and gives depth to medium skin, If you are feeling really edgy, wear it with a mauve shadow and lip colour, just vary the textures. Do something matte on the cheeks, something shimmery on the eyes and glossy, sheer lips.


Soft Berry

It’s common sense: If pale pink is flattering on pale skin, then medium pink is flattering on medium skin. “You want something that’s in the midrange, not something with too much white in it. Pink berry is soft, delicate, and pretty, This is how you can go bright on medium skin.




Those with dark skin shouldn’t be intimidated by deep raisin shades. “Dark skin can really hold up to pigment, You need to choose bold, highly pigmented shades, otherwise it will look muddy, ruddy, or it won’t even show up.


Bright Tangerine

Sure, this fiery orange shade looks intense in the pan, but on dark skin, it’s the best way to get a true flush. “Bright orange blush looks so intimidating, but on dark skin it’s subtle and pretty. A bright blush winds up looking surprisingly neutral,” says Ciucci.



Deep terra-cotta looks gorgeous on dark skin. “It’s important to stay warm when you’re working with dark skin because if you go too cool it’s going to look ashy. So brick is like a redder version of a raisin. It tends to pack a little bit more punch,” says Ciucci. Brick is also a great option for contouring. Use the same “fish-face” method to find the hollows of your cheeks, and dab a cream formula below cheekbones, blending carefully.



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