Speazie a way to flaunt your STYLE

Speazie a way to flaunt your STYLE

Music is an art form for the most brilliant. It creates a spark in the heart of its creator and itself created by a spark of genius. It is an inward and outward expression of flamboyance. A taste for good music is one thing that would surely stand a person out from the crowd, and that is the definition of style.

But while music creation is a complex art, Speazie has been able to simplify the process. It has expended a welcome to the musicians who would otherwise not be able to jump in to a professional studio or have the luxury of personally knowing other creators. It has put everything you would need to be a part of music creativity and networking in the palm of your hands. It is an outlet for musical expression and inspiration, bringing to light the hidden talents of every musical dreamer out there.
Speazie is a mobile music rec

ording App and collaboration platform that fits right in your pocket. It has been called “the Instagram of music” except that it is much more. With this new App, you get to collaborate musically with different people from around the world right from your mobile phone.

Speazie is stylish, bold and adventurous. The ability of the App to connect you with talented people all over the world could well be described as romantic. It makes tech savviness and vocal engineering look easy; probably how it got its name. A lot of young people who are keen on proving a higher level of musical know-how would love to identify with this App. In just a few clicks, singers and rappers can record tracks and videos over beats, and apply studio-sounding preset for a professional sound.

The App also helps talent and stars gain followers on all their social platforms. Users can link all their other social accounts to their profile so others can find them everywhere. They can also share their beats, tracks, and videos to their social accounts right from App, helping artists gain the reach they need both inside and outside of Speazie.

In this volatile world of technology, we can’t foresee the turn Speazie will take in the coming years, but we can tell you one thing for sure; the App is already a trend setter in the art of music making.

The Speazie App is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.
For more information on Speazie please contact: press@speazie.com, www.speazie.com

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