Russell Simmons Banned from NYC Yoga Studio amid #MeToo Accusations

Russell Simmons might be trying to make a comeback —  after being dragged through the mud in the #MeToo movement amid 12 accusations of rape and sexual misconduct — but a Manhattan yoga studio says he’s nothing but a downward-facing dog.

On Thursday, Modo Yoga NYC emailed Russell Simmons and asked him to steer clear of their West Village fitness studio.

The former music and fashion mogul, who relocated to Bali in February 2018 as allegations of sexual misconduct piled up, had attended classes at Modo while he was in Manhattan the past few weeks.

“The management invited me, and then said that my presence had ‘triggered some members,’ ” Simmons told The Post from Bali.

The owners of Modo Yoga responded: “We do not pass judgment, gossip or comment on any of our students . . . However, when we receive complaints from students who are uncomfortable because of another student’s alleged conduct outside of Modo, we are put in a difficult position.”

“I’m deeply disappointed and hurt by it,” Simmons said. “Guilty by accusation, I don’t believe is a good way to go forward.”


Source: Foxnews



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