Reese Witherspoon & Jennifer Aniston Praise Kim Kardashian for Legally Blonde Halloween Costume

Reese Witherspoon is thoroughly impressed with Kim Kardashian West‘s Halloween recreation of Legally Blonde‘s iconic law student Elle Woods.

In an interview with ET Canada, the Morning Show star, 43, reacted to Kardashian West’s Halloween costume, which found her channeling a series of memorable looks that Witherspoon wore as Elle Woods in the hit 2001 film.

“She actually wrote me and said, ‘I’m gonna do it,’ and I was like, ‘Go for it.’ It turned out great, she did a great job,” Witherspoon said.

“I’m impressed with that,” her Morning Show costar Jennifer Aniston, 50, added. “I’m impressed with Kim.”

“Yeah, she did a full video,” Witherspoon said. “She did scenes, she had extras, they were all in costumes. The whole thing.”


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