President Targets Young People With A Plan For Them To Have More Children

France is facing a demographic crisis on an unprecedented scale since World War II.

The country’s birth rate fell by 7% last year, and President Emmanuel Macron is determined to reverse this worrying trend.

A central part of its strategy is the introduction of free fertility tests for people aged 18 to 25.

Macron, realising the seriousness of the situation, presented a comprehensive plan to counteract the decreasing population growth. It focuses on educating young adults in the field of reproductive health, which is to enable them to make informed decisions regarding family planning at an earlier stage of life.

However, it is not just a matter of education. The French president is aware that financial pressure is one of the main factors influencing the decision to have children. That’s why his plan is to offer financial support to new parents.

On the other hand, Emmanuel Macron strongly excludes the possibility of introducing surrogacy, arguing that it is “incompatible with the dignity of women” and amounts to “transforming their bodies into commodities.”

Macron also does not forget about the role of fathers. As part of his plan, he proposes introducing a “visitation obligation” for fathers, which would aim to increase their active participation in their children’s lives.

While Macron’s initiative represents a proactive response to France’s demographic challenges, its effectiveness remains uncertain. Similar trends in declining birth rates have been observed in other European countries, including the UK, where efforts to reverse the trend have not yet yielded significant results.

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