Olashore School…developing skilled Leaders forthe 21st Century

Olashore School…developing skilled Leaders forthe 21st Century

The need to for disciplined, well rounded and adequately prepared young adults for tomorrow’s world is now of paramount importance.  The break neck speed of new technology, the increasing demand for transferable skills and the race for creative talents and innovative minds in the new competitive environment, has further raised the need for a sound educational foundation, starting at the secondary school level
Olashore International School, the premium secondary school that was established around these core values and needs, has further elevated its preparedness for the 21st Century. Graduating students from the school have already been prepared for leadership positions, wherever they go and anywhere in the world.  “Raising world class leaders and Nurturing each child to their full potentials in a safe and serene environment”, remain the core mission of Olashore International School.

Last year, the school bagged an award for emerging one of the Top Ten schools in Nigeria, and one of the best international schools in Africa. The Platinum Award was granted by Africa Brands Review, after rating the Top 1000 schools in Nigeria. The strategic partnership with the London-based Bradford University, and the British Council ensures their teachers are up to date with global best practices and most effective teaching skills. A CNN iReport described the school as the “pride of Africa in secondary school education”.

OLASOREPrince Bimbo Olashore, the Chairman Board of Trustees of the schools, restated their commitment to 21st Century learning, academic excellence, teaching their students the art of paying attention to details as well as emotional intelligence. “These all form the bedrock around which the school was built and continuously nurtured. Sound education starts from the classroom, but goes far beyond.”

According to one of the alumni of the school, Master Nicole Oginni, “Aside from the academic excellence OIS exhibits, there’s no limit to what a child can learn”. 
In order to make students fit into the 21st century demands, Olashore International School recently introduced Apple iPads for both teachers and students. This followed a specialist training abroad for selected teachers of the school on strategies for fast track but deep and long lasting learning, using cutting edge technology.
Prince Bimbo Olashore, pointed out that “Nigeria can no longer wait but rather leap frog to catch up and get our young Nigerians prepared for the new technology driven world. We are pleased to make substantial investment in this direction. The Challenge is how to produce children to think out of the box and make them clearly different. Communication is the key. If a child has all the A’s in the world and cannot communicate, his potentials would not be actualized.”
The Principal and CEO of the School, Mr. Derek Smith also reiterates “Olashore education is much more than academic excellence. We apply the educational philosophy based on Kolb’s learning cycle where experience followed by reflection leads to learning. We are also championing 21st Century teaching in Nigeria.”
“The four keys essential for learning and competence in the 21st century are: Critical Thinking , Communication, Collaboration and Creativity. The development of these competencies are integrated into the school culture so as to move to the next level where one can further develop our use of technology to transform learning”. 
Recently, the school won the International School Award (ISA) as issued by the British Council for meeting up with the seven criteria (7) for international standard schools as expected. The British Council International School Award (ISA) is a bench-marking scheme that accredits schools as having an outstanding level of support for nurturing global citizenship in young people, and enriching teaching and learning.  This accreditation award will last between 2016 and 2019. The British Council World -wide runs a network of registered schools and they offer International exams.
Established in 1994, on 60 acres of land, Olashore International School is a co-educational school which offers high caliber education in a wide range of subjects at Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary and a University Foundation Programme in partnership with Lancaster University. Over the past 20 years, the school has succeeded in creating a community of world class services around the school including a first class hotel, a golf course and Leadership training centre that all combine to give the school a unique identity. The school is particularly appealing to discerning Nigerians at home and abroad, as well as expatriates residing in Nigeria, who desire a school with a strong value system, demonstrable track record and a clear sense of purpose.

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