Nigerian Lady Reveals How a Client Brought Her to London to Make Her up for 50th Birthday, She Advises Youths

A young Nigerian graduate identified as Aderayo Adeshina has revealed that her make-up trade was responsible for her first international trip, which was to London.

Adeshina made this disclosure while speaking with’s regional reporter, Adewunmi Adeoye, in Lagos on Tuesday, October 19.

An all-expense-paid trip

The young lady, who studied chemistry at the university, said that the all-expenses-paid trip was to make a client up for her 50th birthday celebration.

While explaining how she started, the makeup artist said the journey began from passion to desire to earn a living while in the university.

Adeshina further explained that she went fully into it when she discovered its sustainability in her final year at the university.

In her words

“In 2015, a client contacted me that she wanted me to do her makeup in London in celebration of her 50th birthday.

“She asked if I had a valid passport and fortunately for me, I just got one at that time. So, she paid for the visa, hotels, flight and still paid me for my job.

“My makeup journey started from passion to desire to make a living. I wanted to be a mechanical engineer. But, for some reasons, I found myself falling in love with makeup. And along the line, I was only doing it to sustain myself while in school.”

The work is paying her

According to Adeshina, as time went on, she discovered that she liked it more than being in the corporate world. She said the job gives her time and she is able to do what she wants financially.

In her words:

“Ever since I discovered that makeup would sustain me, I decided to go into it fully and this discovery was in my final year because by then I was making a lot of money.

“Makeup has introduced me to both local and international artistes.”

Meanwhile, Adeshina advised university students to learn a trade as it is inexcusable in the country today due to the fact that it is bankable.

She also urged them to embrace consistency and self-investment even as they align themselves with the latest trends.

She said:

“In Nigeria today, it is very important you have something you are doing with your hand. That is the only thing you can bank on. It is something that is reliable.

“Consistency is key. You need to investment in yourself. There are numerous trends in each year. So, you need to know the latest trend.

“There are sometimes you meet people that would pay you the lowest money but get you the highest connection.”



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