My Plans are To make it Big in Modeling and Real Estate – Kamikun Laguda

We recently had a chat with budding model and the first runner up of the 2021 Mr. Teen, Kamikun Laguda. The young man who is also an undergraduate of Survey and Geoinformatics Engineering at the University of Lagos shared with us his experience so far in the modeling industry and his plans after graduation. Enjoy.

Why did you choose to go into modeling?


I have always wanted to be a model, to have the opportunity to showcase myself and represent brands.


What have been the challenges you’ve faced so far?


My height! I am sort of short for modeling so it’s been a sort of challenge but thankfully, the industry is more inclusive and I have not been relegated too many times.


Have you done any major jobs?


Yes I have quite a number, but the most notable being Infinix commercial with African Afropop star, Davido.


How has it been combining your studies with modeling?


Modeling is a job that can be time consuming and unpredictable at times. But, I am pushing through.


How far do you want to take your modeling career?


As far as I can go by the grace of God, greater than Alex Coaster I’d be.


You participated in the recent Mr Teen. What’s the experience like?


Yes, I learnt a lot with it being my first modeling competition/show. I was introduced to the fundamentals in the modeling industry and it wasn’t difficult to absorb all of that. It was quite a memorable experience.


Are there things the competition taught you?


Yes, the first lesson was to never give up no matter how hard it gets. And I am grateful, because no matter how hard it gets, I keep moving.


So tell us about your educational background.


My Educational background. I had my SSCE certificates at the Ultimate Comprehensive Secondary School. I am currently a 300 level Survey and Geoinformatics Engineering student of University of Lagos.


What are your plans after graduation?


My plans after graduation are to be a tycoon in the Real Estate sector here in Nigeria and to be an influential model to any industry.

Your family background.


I am from a middle class family of five (5). I am the first son and child. I have two younger brothers. My Mum and dad are alive and young.


Who are your role models?


Emmanuel Umoh, Jose Zuniga, Alex Costa, and Kevin Hart. They are great guys who excel in their careers.


What inspires you?


Eric Thomas inspires me.


What are your dreams and aspirations?


Being rich! And When I say rich, I am not talking about money, I am talking about freedom.



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