Mourinho rages at goal allowed after 11 seconds by Manchester United

Jose Mourinho raged at Paul Pogba during the game and anyone who would listen afterwards.

United officially waved goodbye to its long title odds with a 2-0 loss at Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday, a defeat that began with a Christian Eriksen goal after little more than 10 seconds.

“It’s a performance that starts with a ridiculous goal and that goal after a few seconds has a big influence on the game because then Tottenham can play the way they like to play, where they are strong and dangerous,” Mourinho said on NBCSN. “The confidence of my players was broken by the second goal.”

When pressed on why the goal was ridiculous, Mourinho was ready.

“The first goal is an accumulation of mistakes. Everything happens so fast. The team has watched the video of Tottenham’s kickoff many, many times. They know exactly what they do. They know that Kane against the rules but difficult for the referee to see starts five or six meters in start of the midfield line. But we lose the first ball. We lose the second ball. It’s a really, really, really bad goal.”

Some critics of Mourinho will point out that he’s very much throwing his players on the bus — the one he sometimes parks, ba-dum-ching — but at some point a manager should be allowed to make points like this: United has been shown Spurs tendencies and spit the bit.

Now 15 points behind Man City with 13 matches to play, United needs to keep an eye on the sides behind it: Liverpool and Chelsea are three points back, and Spurs are five behind the Red Devils.



Source:  NBC Sports



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