Meet The Woman With The Longest Nails in The World..

According to a new press release from the Guinness World Records, Houston-based nail artist Ayanna Williams now holds the record for having the longest fingernails on a pair of hands. Her nails are a shocking 18 feet long, and her regimen for growing them out is beyond crazy.

To get her nails this long, Williams has a pretty dedicated regimen she’s been following for the past 23 years. She stays away from washing dishes with antibacterial soap (we knew it!) and uses a nail brush to clean them daily. Then, to keep those nails strong and free of breakage, she regularly uses nail hardener and a thin layer of acrylic.


But despite holding an insane world record, she claims that household chores and daily tasks can be a bit challenging. Watching Williams pick up a cup with her nails was pretty mouth-dropping, and we can’t begin to imagine how she drives. However, you can bet that we’re totally stealing some tips from Ayanna’s playbook. I mean, using a nail brush sounds all sorts of fancy.


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