Meet The Man With The Obama Money ”Oshine”.

confident and beaming with the confidence of an established superstar, meet the self-acclaimed ‘‘man with the Obama money”. Seyon Balogun better known as Oshine talk about his new singles and plans for 2018.





Can we meet you.


My name is Seyon Balogun stage name Oshine , I am from Badagry, am into pop music and have released couple of body of works over the years .i have also worked with a couple of people, shot videos home and abroad , graced several stages home and abroad as well. I am  a singer, composer and also co-producer of my contents telling the main producer the direction with each music content.


How long have u been doing music and who and who have u worked with over the years?


Well people really believe one is new until you have a monster record meaning until you have a song ruling the airwaves. Well I would rather just say we have been at it for some years and hopefully break the ice soonest. Also I have worked with the like of Sossick, Geamat, some in the works with Phillkeyz, the producer of Kiss Daniels ‘’No Do’’ song and couple of tracks for Yemi Alade just to cut the long story short .i  have worked with artiste like, Youngsix, Cdq,Solidstar, Jyhbo, Dremo .the list goes on and on.


 So what r u working on at the moment?


Well I took a yearlong break and came back with two heavy singles, which i have released online and also on the airwaves. The video will also be released in a bit. I believe these two songs both produced by Geamat with hit the right chords with my teeming fans.


What has been the reaction to these new singles so far?


Much to the glory of God, both singles have been well received and reactions have been fantastic. Both songs ‘’Bend Down’’ and ‘’Toyin Tomato’’ already are trending ringtone wise and we hope to take it up from there.


Aside from music what else to do?


I trade as well , I live both in Lagos and in the United States. You know business is in Nigeria can really be so frustrating sometimes  so most times i go back to the States to balance it. It’s an opportunity to take one’s business out of the media.


How do u unwind ?


Am more of a lounge person , I don’t drink or smoke so u won’t catch me doing heavy clubbing, always at the gym as well  and mostly catch me at the beach (wink)


Any girl yet or babymamas?

Well for now I am single and am not looking at that Baby Mama’s  direction.  Just focusing on my craft and putting out great singles for my fans to vibe to.


Your two new singles, why two not one like the norm?

Well like i mentioned earlier I took a long break for a year, so coming back,  am like let me give the fans more because of the long wait more like a double blessing for the wait.

 So what should we expect from Oshine in the next six months?

The release of ‘’Toyin Tomato’’ video and also that of ‘’Bend Down’’, more viable airplay, more gigs, more effort from my team because one is as good as his team.


What inspires you basically?

Well my inspiration is gotten from within and all the positive energies around me. I really can’t say this and this but once the act is right am inspired. Once I feel the sense of nature in an environment am inspired. A great work of art, my sources of inspiration is countless .


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