MEET Olaleye Damilola Abayomi – CAMPUS ICON FOR THIS WEEK

MEET Olaleye Damilola Abayomi – CAMPUS ICON FOR THIS WEEK

Damilola is a 200 level Fine Arts student of Yaba College of Technology, Akoka, Lagos. He’s a passionate lover of arts, he’s one of the young and determined artist involved in the graffiti done for the beautification of Berger as part of the Lagos at 50 celebrations. He also won an art competition held at the University of Lagos in 2016.


How did you get into arts?                                                                                                                                                         I got so interested and passionate in art all because I wanted to do nothing more art.

What inspired your decision to go into arts?                                                                                                                   It all started with my interest in comic books! This served as a source of inspiration for me for so many years to me. I was so motivated that making my own and becoming an illustrator is all I have dreamt of, so I guess that was my inspiration.

How long have you been doing this?                                                                                                                           Well… art is what I’ve been doing like forever, since I was little, which I’ll continue doing because I’ve it in me.

What were your challenges starting off?                                                                                                                           In life we face challenges in every path we have chosen. For me my challenges are mostly financial imbalance, fewer funds to get materials, which will always lead to getting one frustrated and not being able to produce a better art work, discouragements, lack of trust in me, is another vital challenge I face every day of my life.  There is a case scenario that I can’t forget,  which happened a year ago,  where my boss asked me “why are you going to school to study art when there are other better courses that will earn you money,  will art fetch you money?


Being popular on campus with what you do, how do you cope with that?
Being popular with whatever you do is everyone’s prayer, I don’t have a problem coping with that, because I on the path to greatness.

What popular art work are you known for on campus, and outside campus?
I’ve done a lot of works, one of which are the paintings and graffiti on the Berger Bridge in the border between Lagos and Ogun state. I was one of the artists that did those works.

Would you like to continue this after school or go for a 8 – 5 job?

Well art is what I love a lot and will definitely continue after I leave school,  but I’ve other things in mind too that still goes in line with art.

What is your philosophy about life?                                                                                                                            Don’t take life too serious; love what you do and always find time to create funny memories to make you smile whenever you are feeling sad. Life is beautiful just make yourself be beautiful too.


What is your favourite meal?                                                                                                                                             Bread and beans I love it a lot.

What turns you off about people?                                                                                                                                    When you take life too serious, definitely I might not get along with such person too well.

What turns you on about people?                                                                                                                                         I love people who are free spirited, funny and truthful.


When was your most exciting moment on campus?                                                                                                    I’ve many moments, I’ve created many memories good one’s with my friends in school, one of which was the day we sang, danced, and told jokes did funny stuffs, like mimicking everyone character in class.

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