Many Health and Beauty Benefit of Pineapple Juice Contn.

Pineapple for pimples prevention

What are the different fruits for anti aging? The position of pineapple comes at the higher level. Drinking pineapple juice means you are taking to some extent Alpha-hydroxy acids, which helps to slow down the aging process. Appling pineapple juice over the face for 5 minutes followed by washing with clean water also helps to make you smarter and glows your face by preventing pimples and blemishes. Crush the ripe pineapple and add few drops of honey, apply it over the face and left for 5 minutes to make your face glow. Pineapple slice can scrub over your face to get cure from blemishes.

Pineapple benefits for dark spot treatment

Pineapple for dark spots and blemishes shows good positive results. To minimize the dark spots and blemishes, it is recommended that one should rub the slices of pineapple over these black spots. Keep the slice for five minutes and wash with fresh water. It provides nourishing to the face.

Pineapple for foot beauty

Pineapple for feet beauty is amazing. Pineapple prevents cracking of feet and makes the foot smother and calloused free. First of all remove the outer layer (bark) of the pineapple.  A mixture is prepared with the combination of pineapple (1/2   chopped), lemon (1), apple (1/2 unpeeled), some peeled grapefruits, salt (1 tsp) and anise (2 tsp). Now, rub the mixture over your feet and left it for 30 minutes followed by washed with clean water.

Pineapple for nail beauty

Beautiful nails aid your beauty and give a sense of self-confidence. However, due to lack of nutrients, nails face brittleness, dryness, cracked, split, etc. To make them healthy and smooth, there is a need of vitamin A and vitamin B. Vitamin A removes the problems of brittleness and dryness in nails while cracked and split of feet are solved by vitamin B.


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