LSETF-USADF Employability Project In Partnership With AI Multimedia Academy Present Certificate To Batch 1 Trainees

It was a day of honour and joy when the Batch 1 trainees of LSETF-USADF Employability which is in partnership with AI Multimedia ended their training and was presented with their certificates.


The certificate presentation was held at the Ai Multimedia Academy school ground.


Speaking at the certificate presentation, AI Multimedia’s CEO, Mr. Ademola Akitoye eulogized the sponsors of the project and other supporters of the training and also had words of advice for the trainees:


“While celebrating the beginning of a new chapter in your life, for sure you will not forget to express gratitude to Lagos State Government through Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) and United State Africa Foundation (USADF) for jointly sponsoring your training here at AI Multimedia Academy. In addition, we will not forget in haste the efforts of the project implementing partner Diamond Development Initiatives (DDI) for their support and guidance from the start to the completion of training for this batch. Our deepest appreciation also goes to Mr. Oluwatosin Adeoti, DDI’s Project Development Officer and Mr. Omokaro Unuakpor, LSETF’s Head, Product Development for their understanding and cooperation all through.”


The LSETF-USADF Employability project seeks to curb the issue of unemployment in Lagos state by equipping 3000 eligible young people per year with relevant skills that cut across sectors including but not limited to Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Beauty, Hospitality, Entertainment, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Technology and Creative.


The program presents a good opportunity for the unemployed youth in Lagos State to empower themselves, start a career in their chosen field, and drastically improve their prospects of securing jobs.


Speaking further on the project, Mr Akitoye stated that, “our mandate is to place at least half of the best among the trainees in a paid internship for three months; a budget for this had already been set aside by LSETF and USADF. I am happy to inform you that we have placed over 25 trainees in paid jobs and many of them have resumed in their various place of work. I would also like to emphasize that during the course of the training we did not have a single drop out and I want to specifically congratulate you for this, this fit wouldn’t have been possible but for your tenacity and dedication.


“Our heartfelt gratitude goes to LSETF and USADF for providing us financial aid in the form of a grant, the grant has helped us to expand some of our capacities to a certain level and provided some form of employment to a certain number of people that formed part of our team. However, our industry is highly capital intensive and requires a high budget to deliver top notch and globally recognized training in media and creative. In the nearest future we will appreciate an improved funding due to the forgoing.

“To our trainees, I am happy that you chose very good courses to study, I encourage you to make every effort to excel in your choice because there are a wealth of opportunities waiting for you outside and I have every confidence that your efforts will pay off.

“At the end of your training here, you have been equipped with one of the most important skills needed to forge your path ahead in the media and creative industries and I hope you never lose the will to forge ahead.


“To our student placement partners, we want to thank you for identifying with the vision of greater Lagos. The partnership is a win-win for everyone not only as saving on recruitment costs but the means to identifying potential talents early and by letting them work with you as interns, you are helping to reduce the rate of unemployment in our land. Currently we are working with 16 placement partners and more will be added in due course. Together we can continue to empower youth in Lagos State.


“To our media friends, we thank you for giving us platforms to express ourselves about the program. Our sincere appreciation goes to Acada Magazine, Urban Life Magazine, Young Achievers Nigeria Magazine, The Sun Newspaper, FlipTV and others.


“My speech will not be complete without saying something about our great institution, AI Multimedia Academy:  We are a Technical & Vocational training centre dedicated to training the young and passionate individual in media, creative art, creative design and digital skillsets. Each of our courses leads our trainees towards a specific career path and skill certifications.


“Our courses are taught through a balance of classroom instruction, hands-on practical and individual practice. The approach is holistic, ensuring that students understand and have experience in all aspects of the subject they are studying. This gives them flexibility as they become proficient in their chosen fields.


“To our trainees once again, I’m sure you won’t expect smooth sailing in the journey ahead of you, disappointments, mistakes and even failures all come in a package of growing wise and successful. So, be prepared for them and stay strong and committed.


“I wish each and every one of you much success in life”.


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