LMore People Claims Right On Their Share Of Prince’s $300 million estate

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After a woman came forward claiming to be the late singer’s half-sister, a man recently claimed that he’s the musician’s secret love child. Now, Carver County, Minn., District Judge Kevin Eide has ordered generic testing on Prince’s blood to find out if he had a love child.

The judge’s order authorized Bremer Trust bank, the temporary special administrator of Prince’s estate, to obtain the blood sample from the Midwest Medical Examiner, which conducted autopsy on the music legend’s body, and have if genetically analyzed “for any purpose relevant to the administration of the Estate.”

The judge ruled that DNA Diagnostics Center should perform the test. The order recognized that “parentage issues might arise” and “timing can be a concern when conducting genetic testing.”

John Hilbert and Shar Mansukhani of “Heir Hunters” previously revealed that not long after Prince’s death, they received many phone calls and emails from people claiming to be related to the singer. “At that time, we received a phone call from a gentlemen who said ‘What is the procedure for me to prove my paternity to Prince as his child?’ ” Hilbert told RadarOnline.

“We have a standard protocol. We want a certified copy of your birth record and we also want a detailed description of why you think you would be related to Prince,” Hilbert explained. “It added up with where Prince was and where his mother was.”

The man who is in his mid-30’s currently lives in the Midwest. The alleged love child told the Heir Hunters that his mother and Prince had several encounters in the ’80s. It’s unclear though if the man will move forward with its claim and take a DNA test.

If no one is proven to be Prince’s love child, his $300 million fortune will be split among his full sister Tyka Nelson and several half-siblings including Albert Jackson, Omarr Baker, John Nelson, Norrine Nelson and Sharon Nelson. Prince, who died on April 21, left no will.

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