Lionel Richie sings ‘Hello’ to ‘Idol’ contestant’s mom to prove it’s really him

On American Idol Sunday night, after admitting that he lied to his parents about where he was, and winning a ticket to Hollywood, the judges told Johnny Brenns to call his mama and tell her where he’s been. In fact, Katy Perry insisted that he call her right then and wanted to be the first person to talk to her. But when Perry said over the phone, “Hi. It’s Katy Perry,” Brenns’ mother disbelievingly replied, “Well it’s obviously not.” Perry handed the phone back to Brenns, who told his mother that he was going to Hollywood and that he really was standing in front of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan . Since Brenns’ mom didn’t believe anything she was hearing, Brenn put Lionel Richie on the phone, thinking that maybe it was him she was looking for. Brenns’ mom stated, “I know Lionel Richie’s voice because I grew up in the ’80s.” Richie then replied, “Well, this is Lionel Richie. You got me,” and then proceeded to sing his famous hit song “Hello.” And later, when Brenns and Ryan Seacrest attempted to FaceTime his parents, they continued to think it was a joke and just hung up on their son.


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