Lil Wayne Gets Emotional Hearing 2 Chainz’s

2 Chainz sought to honor Lil Wayne with the release of  Collegrove and, in a recent interview with Genius, the New Orleans rapper says his friend did his due diligence. He says he got emotional upon first hearing “Dedication,” which turned out to be the album’s opening track.

He says 2 Chainz sent the tribute track to his phone out of the blue and he had to process the song, which says “If it wasn’t for Wayne, it wouldn’t be / A lot of dudes in the game, including me.”

“I remember the song came on and the driver and my security was in the front seat, They had to get out. I had to make them get out the car. We were parked. I had to make them get out after I started listen to it, the lyrics was about. Obviously I already tattooed some of ‘em on my face, but that song made a few more drops. I had to text him right then and there.” Lil Wayne says.

He says a lady friend was in the car with him and allowed him to have the emotional moment.

“She was listening as well, and she was reacting to what he was saying on the song and she was making a comment and she looked and she looked and saw that I had a few tears dropping and she was like, ‘Woah.’ I remember her rubbing my back. I remember hitting him up like, ‘Man, this one right here, I don’t even know where this came from. This is amazing.’” he says

The song drew its inspiration from Lil Wayne’s  Dedication mixtape series, the sixth installment of which is reportedly on its way. Weezy also had the ” Dedication Tour” to commemorate his two decades in the rap game.

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