LG’s V30 smartphone to burst mobile market

LG’s V30 smartphone to burst mobile market

There is no doubt 2017 has been an interesting year for consumers of electronic products all over the world, as the finest of innovative breathtaking products were introduced into the market ranging from  OLED TVs to washing machines; sound systems; robotic technologies; air conditioning units; refrigerators among others.

Leading electronics companies are choosing to bring consumers up to speed with imminent technologies, their benefits as well as the significant difference they are expected to make in their daily living.

Year in year out there is technological advancement being witnessed here and there with appliances evolving every day to meet the unending needs of average consumers. This has kept companies on their innovative toes gazing into the crystal world of technology to predict what would likely be the next user trends and how to meet it. Perhaps, this is why LG Electronics has declared that it is ever ready to push a little further beyond the precincts of innovation and altering known conventions to keep its teeming customers and even gain more.

Obviously, the company, said this has resulted in the designing of mind blowing products, one of which is the InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator with an inverter linear compressor boosting overall energy efficiency. Earlier in the year we saw the introduction of impressive collections of robotic technology from LG which includes; Lawnmower Robot, Hub Robot, Hom-Bot, Airport Robot and Airport Cleaning Robot. These products, according to LG were to ensure that the company is clearly ahead of competition in innovations.

Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Taeick Son said: “LG will continue to give the industry something to talk about as far as innovation is concerned. Right from the beginning of the year, we have churned out cutting-edge technological products to ensure that our consumers’ expectations are fully met. For the remaining part of the year we will definitely, introduce more mind blowing products that will shake the industry I can assure you of that “For instance, the Hom-Bot combines powerful cleaning performance with home security features and DeepThinQ technology allowing vacuum to adapt to its routine as it cleans the house.

While the Airport robot on the other hand is designed basically with travelers in mind, answering questions in a number of languages in order to streamline air travel”. He also revealed that the company would wow industry watchers with its newest innovative product, the V30 smartphone. “It is obviously one of the products to look out for as it prepares to up the game in the evolution of premium smartphones with so many first to its advantage like; the first F1.6 aperture camera lens, the first glass Crystal clear lens; the first OLED full vision display; Cine Video mode for producing movie quality and so many other features on it.

When eventually launched, the V30 will be the first global smartphone to support MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology which allows streaming of high-resolution audio. This technology enables it to capture the sound of original studio master and folds into smaller file to make high-resolution audio easy to stream. The much anticipated LG V30 is an improvement from the V phone series with new mobile experience and optimal multimedia features.” he said.

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