LASU defend sack of 15 Dons

LASU defend sack of 15 Dons

Management of Lagos State University (LASU) have supported the sack of 15 members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities of Lagos State University (LASU).

It claimed it followed due process in their sack. The affected lecturers, include the chairman of ASUU-LASU, Dr. Isaac Akinloye Oyewunmi, and his vice, Dr. Adebowale Adeyemi-Suenu.

Oyewunmi was sacked for collecting N50,000 from 2003 modular year students of Political Science Education in the sandwich programme; while Adeyemi-Suenu was said to have unilaterally altered results of 12 students already advised to withdraw by Senate in the Department of History and International Studies  in the 2015/2016 Academic session.

Addressing Journalists at the Senate building, the Vice Chancellor (VC), Prof Lanre Fagbohun, said he received the petition against Oyewunmi last October and wrote him to respond to the allegation, which he denied. Fagbohun, however, said three others mentioned in the petition said Oyewunmi demanded for money. This, the VC said, led to the setting up of the fact-finding panel, which established that he had a case to answer.

Fagbohun said apart from the petitioner and the three other witnesses, there was an audio recording of his conversation with the former Director of LASU External System, Dr. Tajudeen Abanikanda, where Oyewunmi allegedly admitted collecting the bribe.

Fagbohun said another committee found Adeyemi-Suenu guilty of manipulating students’ results, adding that  ASUU made the dismissal look like the union was being victimised.

“I am a member of ASUU, so why will I have to destroy a union that I know has added value to this great institution?

“We need to recognise that we are dealing with individuals as employees of this university in relation to transgressions against the rules and regulations of this university. First and foremost, a person is an employee before becoming a member of the union, therefore, we should not draw our respected union into this.

“We are talking of individuals, who ran afoul of the university rules and as a responsible institution we shall not close our eyes to it,” said the VC.

Fagbohun said the management is encouraging students to take up the task of whistleblowing, promising that reported cases would be promptly addressed by the management.

The VC said he did not initiate Oyewunmi’s case, but inherited it from the past administration which passed it to the Governing Council.

He said: “We are talking of an individual (petitioner), who complained when the former Governor Fashola was on seat, and he continued to complain, but felt he was not being heard. By the time you read the record of the proceedings, you will find out that Governor Fashola then sent a text to the Vice Chancellor to investigate the allegation. By the time that VC was leaving, he submitted a report to the current Pro-Chancellor, which formed part of the handing over note.”

He said Oyewunmi’s case came into the picture again because from time to time, LASU management was being inundated by calls from government requesting an update on petitions written by the aggrieved individuals.

He said contrary to the union’s claim, 24 of the 26 members of the Governing Council were in attendance and all endorsed the dismissal.

LASU Students’ Union President, Kappo Samuel Olawale, said the union was also investigating the matter.

He said: “As a students’ body, we would not be happy to see our members being exploited. What we are saying is if you are saying a lecturer is doing this or that, we are not going to be a party to it.

“As a students’ body, we should not just sit but study the situation since the university has also given those dismissed the opportunity to appeal their case.”

However, ASUU has described as untrue the audio material which claimed that Oyewunmi admitted to the allegation.

Secretary to the union, Dr. Tony Dansu, said the school management was being economical with truth about inheriting Oyewunmi’s case.

“I beg to disagree that the vice chancellor inherited the case from the immediate past administration,” Dansu said.

He continued: “This was a case of 2012 and nothing has been heard about it again beyond when Dr. Oyewunmi was invited and asked some questions by the former Acting Director, but he did not know that he was being recorded.

“As ASUU, I can categorically tell you that all that talk about one audio visual that showed Oyewunmi as begging and grovel for pardon are all ruse.

“What happened was that someone accused you of using a student to demand money. You the accused now went to investigate from two students and found that that thing is true, and you came back to tell the person who first accused you, that ‘I have investigated and found out its true’. So how does that translate to owning up on an offense you did not commit?

“We are more than sure this is a case of victimisation. Oyewunmi and Adeyemi-Suenu are not being tried as individuals but leaders of ASUU-LASU for insisting on checks and balances.”


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