Lagos Debunks “No Quality Education Delivery” Allegation

Lagos Debunks “No Quality Education Delivery” Allegation

Lagos State government has taken exception to the allegation that there is no quality education delivery in the nation, saying that the statement is self-serving and reckless.

According to a statement released by the Assistant Director, Public Affairs, Mr. Adesegun Ogundeji in the Ministry of Education, who opined that the State is arguably the only State that has an Agency dedicated to education quality assurance with offices in all the Local Government Areas.

This Office is responsible for quality-assurance and grading of public and approved private schools below tertiary level in a three year cycle using outcome for learners; quality of provision; and impact of leadership and management as criteria, which results are manifest in the performance of our pupils and students in national and international competitions.

Ogundeji said this clarification is sequel to comments credited to the Proprietor of First Islamic English Foundation Academy, Lagos, Prince Mohammed  Mansur Williams under the caption “Most private schools are mere recreational centers” in the Daily Trust of Thursday, 9th June, 2016.

He noted that nothing can be farther from the truth of the unsubstantiated assertions of the proprietor insinuations that, “In Lagos, I know that most of the private schools are owned by either an ex or dismissed staff of the Ministry of Education or some ambitious ones”.


“Lagos State has over 12,000 private schools out of which over 4000 are registered, while many are close to satisfying the criteria for registration, there is no doubt that there are also those fall short of the standard for registration,” he stated.

“While no one is saying that ex-Ministry officials don’t own schools and no known law exclude them from doing so. The question to be addressed here is how many of the schools in the state belong to them to justify the sweeping generalization.”

Ogundeji also challenged Prince Mohammed Mansur Williams, to come up with facts and figures on the percentage of the accredited schools that belong to the class of people in question and wether those schools are worthy of the accreditation or there was compromise.

He said that Williams statement from all intent and purposes was made deliberately to cast aspersion on the image of the ministry, impugn its integrity as the regulatory and supervisory authority while disparaging the work force.

According to Ogundeji, instead of reduction in the number of private schools, given the yawning gap and the state of the economy, more private sector participation should be encouraged while insisting on the rules of engagement.

He therefore enjoined Williams to concentrate on building his self- acclaimed unique education concept which we all know was preceded by many Islamic faith based schools like the Anwar-Ul-Islam, Ansar-Ur-deen, Ahmadiyah Colleges and many private ones instead of disparaging institutions of government in an attempt to have them shut down its competitors for no reason other than fear of competition.

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