Kylie Jenner wants this YouTuber to stop talking about her products

Beauty guru Jeffree Star, whom we last spotted doing his makeup from behind the driver’s seat of a Tesla, has apparently crossed Kylie Jenner for the last time.

Star, who has given both positive and negative reviews of Kylie Cosmetics in the past, is reveling in the drama on Twitter. “Who’s ready for some piping hot tea today?” he tweeted. He followed up with the beauty world equivalent of a mic drop. “I can confirm I’ve been removed from the Kylie Cosmetics PR list.”

Star clarified that he believes the removal is due to negative reviews of Jenner’s products. “I love when I speak the truth about a product, and then I get removed… Hahaha these companies really be scared of the truth getting out to a huge audience,” he wrote.

The loss of PR packages also means that, if Star wants to review Kylie products in the future, he’ll have to shill out for the makeup himself. He wants fans to know that he’d rather give honest reviews than receive products for free. “Just for the record, I could care less about getting free products… I buy anything I have ever wanted to review that you guys have told me about. I invest a lot into my channel and this is just pure comedy to me,” Star wrote.

Star also made clear that he maintains a line between his role as a blogger and as a beauty founder. “I owned a brand before I started my channel,” he wrote. “I will continue to give my 100% honest opinions, no matter what brands try to do.”

The move may have been the last straw for Kylie Cosmetics, which has dealt with Star’s shade and his fans’ rage more than once. When Jenner launched a $360 brush set, Star went after her on Twitter.  “Are the new @kyliecosmetics makeup brushes made out of animal hair? Is that why they’re so expensive?? BITCH I’M STILL DUMBFOUNDED!!!!” he wrote. The comments drew attention and led to lower sales for the brush set, Star claims.


The brushes may have been Star’s most publicized Kylie kritique, but he’s railed on the brand more than once in the past. In April 2017, Star may or may not have purposefully preempted a Kylie Cosmetics beauty launch by revealing new shades before she did. Just as Jenner announced the latest lip kits, Star posted a photo with swatches of the shades. For a brand that prides itself on surprises and last-minute drops, the swatch reveal needs to come from Jenner herself. Whether or not Star did it on purpose, Jenner’s team definitely noticed that he didn’t fall in line. In the past, he’s also given negative reviews to her highlighters, liquid lipstick formula, and lip glosses.

It may not be the most subtle solution, but the Kylie Cosmetics team is doing what we’ve always been taught to do to a bully: Cut them off. Will that stop Star from buying and critiquing Jenner’s next big launch? For the love of tea, we hope not.


Source:  Yhaoo lifestyle

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