Kylie Jenner to Release Concealer and Rihanna Fans Are COMING For Her

Last night, the Queen of Lip Kits, Kylie Jenner, announced that she’s expanding her makeup empire with a line of 30 concealers.

Noting that Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty with a collection of 40 foundation shades, Twitter is now calling out Kylie for copying. Until now, Kylie hadn’t dabbled much into facial makeup (and her Lip Kits don’t exactly cater to every skin tone).


Here are some of the tweets

“@_prettyAP says.. All of a sudden Kylie Jenner wanna come out with all shades of concealer like sis you’re running out of ideas aren’t you?”

“@rjmoroberto says…Kylie Jenner trying to salvage her make up line before the holidays by copying rihannas concealer range is a metaphor to me trying to save the semester”

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