Kendrick Lamar Asks Drake To Return 2Pac’s Ring If He Wants Some Respect

Kendrick Lamar performed his Drake diss tracks at the pop-out concert at The Forum.

Kendrick Lamar’s feud with Drake reached another high point after the Compton rapper performed diss tracks ‘Not Like Us’ and ‘Euphoria’ at a pop-out show in Los Angeles.

On June 19, 2024, Kendrick Lamar was at the pop-out show at the Forum in Los Angeles to perform his hit Drake diss track ‘Not Like Us’ which is the biggest release from the disses released in the rap feud among both rappers.

Kendrick Lamar performed ‘Not Like Us’ 5 times to an audience that sang every word of the hit Drake diss song which set a streaming record on Spotify in the United States.

During his performance of ‘Euphoria’, Kendrick Lamar made it clear that he wasn’t done punching at Drake as he tweaked the song’s lyrics to convey a message to the Canadian rapper.

During the performance, Lamar substituted the line “Matter of fact, I ain’t even bleed him yet, can I bleed him” for “Give me Tupac’s ring back and I might give you a little respect” which is a direct message to Drake.

According to Billboard, Drake bought the ring for $1 million and the Canadian rapper has constantly boasted about his purchase and even flaunted it in the music video for the Kendrick Lamar diss song ‘Family Matters’.

Kendrick Lamar‘s demands come after Drake used Artificial Intelligence to deliver 2pac and Snoop Dogg verses on the diss record ‘Taylormade Freestyle’ where he called Lamar a disappointment to Compton rap legends 2pac and Snoop Dogg.

Kendrick Lamar has described 2pac as one of his major influences and he brought the 2pac experience to the pop-out show as he joined Dr. Dre to perform the late rapper’s hit record ‘California Love’.

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