Kanye West Offers To Redesign L.A. Clippers Mascot

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Taking to his closely monitored and often highly controversial Twitter account, Kanye West outlined his desire to redesign the mascot of the Los Angeles Clippers.

“ Steve Ballmer can I please redesign the Clippers mascot,” Kanye tweeted.

During the Clippers’ game against the Brooklyn Nets at the end of February, Chuck the Condor was unveiled as the team’s new mascot.

In a press release, the Clippers described the mascot as someone who “personifies the passion and ‘be relentless’ drive of team owner Steve Ballmer.”

In response, Ballmer made it clear that he’s interested in hearing Kanye’s ideas, suggesting the pair meet at an upcoming Clippers game to talk.

“ @kanyewest @LAClippers love Chuck but love your creativity. Lets talk. Lunch?” the former Microsoft CEO tweeted before continuing in another post. “@kanyewest Better than lunch. Let’s grab a Clips game together and talk”

Kanye later agreed.

“%1000 Steve Ballmer. Let’s meet this week if you have time. I was hanging with Chris Paul last night.”

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