Kanye West Makes Few Changes To His “The Life Of Pablo” Album

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Kanye West has made it no secret that he’s not finished working on The Life of Pablo and according to a user on Reddit, some changes have already been made to the project, specifically to “Famous.”

The Reddit user noted that the song from 1:23-1:25 and 1:49-1:51 have been altered as well as the lyric “She be Puerto Rican day parade wavin,'” being changed to “She in school to be a real estate agent,” in the cuts second verse.

Additionally, the user notes that the Sister Nancy “Bam Bam” transitional breakdown between 1:01 – 1:17 is different with Rihanna’s vocals having more reverb.

Although Ye has been adamant about fixing “Wolves,”no further changes toThe Life of Pablo have reportedly been noticed so far.

The Life of Pablo is still only available for streaming exclusively through TIDAL and the Chicago rapper recently announced physical copies of the project will never be made for sale.

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