Introducing Muzik® One: The Smartphone Of Headphones


Introducing Muzik® One: The Smartphone Of Headphones

There’s probably a law against launching a new headphone line without the proper celebrity endorsement. Right out of the gate, Muzik’s got ‘em in spades. The hardware startup is launching its first pair – the fittingly titled One – and has already lined up a ton of endorsements, including athletes like Chris Paul and Elena Delle Donne.

In fact, here’s a quote Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller tossed our way about the cans, “I’ve stayed close with the Muzik team through development and have been involved in building the brand behind-the-scenes leading up to this moment (launch). I’m dedicated to making Muzik One the best and now that I’ve found a product that I truly believe in, I am excited to be all in.”

The combination of Muzik’s software and hardware presents a truly seamless way to integrate new technology into sleek design with high-definition crystal clear sound for music, videos, phone calls, and more. Simply pair Muzik One headphones via Bluetooth with the Muzik® Connect companion app, available on The App Store for iOS, and begin personalizing your listening experience.

The app delivers a first-of-its-kind connected listening experience, empowering users to customize the hot keys for instant access to cutting-edge features and unparalleled functionality with Muzik One headphones. Through Muzik’s software, the app will identify any song being played and allow users to share songs to social media in the moment.

“I’ve always believed that headphones should be able to do much more than just play music,” said Muzik Founder and CEO Jason Hardi. “We created Muzik One to provide the best connected listening experience with controls that enhance your smartphone and favorite apps. When users connect Muzik One, the smartphone of headphones, they will experience a new level of connectivity with personalized one touch hot keys that control the things you love and do every day like a remote controls a television or radio presets in your car.”

The key selling point here are what the company refers to as “hot keys,” which trigger functionality on a variety of services, including, most notably, Spotify, with whom the startup has a partnership. The keys can be used to access playlists, save songs, follow artists and copy song links on the streaming services.

There’s a variety of other functionality as well, making it possible to share music on services like Facebook and Twitter (who also happen to be an investor), speed-dial contacts and get weather forecasts among a slew of other functions.

The headphones are launching for $299 a pop through Amazon and Best Buy’s site.

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