I’m Less Bothered About Money Lost During Recent Outage -Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, says he is less bothered over the financial loss incurred during a seven-hour outage of his platform on Monday.


Daily Trust reports that many users across the world were stranded when Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, all owned by Zuckerberg, were down.

Bloomberg had estimated Zuckerberg’s loss at $7 billion.

Along with the drop in stocks of Facebook, Zuckerberg’s worth has fallen by nearly $19 billion since September 13, 2021.

But in a Facebook post, Zuckerberg said he was more concerned about those who rely on his products to connect with friends, family and to run their businesses, than the loss suffered.

“The SEV that took down all our services yesterday (Monday) was the worst outage we’ve had in years.”

“We’ve spent the past 24 hours debriefing how we can strengthen our systems against this kind of failure. This was also a reminder of how much our work matters to people.

“The deeper concern with an outage like this isn’t how many people switch to competitive services or how much money we lose, but what it means for the people who rely on our services to communicate with loved ones, run their businesses, or support their communities.”

Zuckerberg also reflected on the public debate concerning the allegations of a Whistleblower against Facebook services which he said does not reflect the company’s policy, and they care deeply about well-being and mental health.

He wrote, “I’m sure many of you have found the recent coverage hard to read because it just doesn’t reflect the company we know. We care deeply about issues like safety, well-being and mental health. It’s difficult to see coverage that misrepresents our work and our motives. At the most basic level, I think most of us just don’t recognize the false picture of the company that is being painted.”

“ When I reflect on our work, I think about the real impact we have on the world. I’m proud of everything we do to keep building the best social products in the world and grateful to all of you for the work you do here everyday.”



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