Hey Guys, You Can Wear a Tank Top Under a Suit

It goes without saying that you should tread lightly when it comes to wearing a tank top under a suit. Visible armpit hair in the office is not ideal and, style-wise, the whole thing can easily veer into Miami Vice territory when you aren’t looking.

If you want to try the look—which, when it is good, is very good—it’s best to follow Steph Curry‘s lead, above, and go for a tank top in a classic colour or print (stripes are always a good move) with a slim, conservative fit. By conservative we mean that the tank doesn’t dip too low at the neckline or around the arms. Your suit should fit well, too; scrunch back the arms to make it feel more casual while you’re at it.


Finishing things off with white sneakers amps up the athleticism in a nice way, but loafers or lace-ups can work, too. Be wary of jewelry unless you’re intentionally going for “sleazy nightclub guy.” Some guys are doing that right now, but if this is the first you’re hearing of it, better pass on pinkie rings for the time being.

And double down on deodorant to avoid suit-jacket pit stains. Remember: If you take your jacket off, you’re just wearing a tank top and suit pants. That’ll fly if you’re day drinking with friends, not so much if you’re in a 9 A.M. all-staff meeting.


Credit: GQ


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