Headies Awards Return To Nigeria After Two Years In The Us

The prestigious Headies Awards, celebrating the best of Nigerian music, is coming back home after two years abroad.

The 17th edition of the awards will be held in Nigeria, marking a triumphant return to its birth nation.

Since 2006, the Headies have served as a beacon for Nigerian music, honoring the talent and creativity of artists across genres. But in 2022 and 2023, the awards ceremony ventured beyond its borders, taking place in Atlanta, USA.

While this move aimed to amplify the awards’ reach globally, it didn’t sit quite well with the general public.

Now, the award show is about to come back home.
“We are bringing the world back home to the place that birthed the sound that has led everybody to the dance floor,” the organisers said.

This decision signifies a renewed focus on celebrating Nigerian music within its vibrant cultural context.

“Following the explosion of Afrobeats on the global stage, we felt it was important to take the good news of great music to new frontiers,” shared the organizers.

“The US editions showcased our global stars and future talents, but this year, we’re returning to the roots.”

The exact date and venue for the 17th Headies Awards remain under wraps.


Credit: Guardian


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