Glo Voted Nigeria’s Most Popular Brand

Total telecommunications solutions provider, Globacom, has been voted Nigeria’s most popular brand for year 2022.

TOP 50 BRANDS NIGERIA, an organization which tracks the performance of brands in Nigeria, disclosed this while announcing the results of its survey for the year last week.

The Chief Executive Officer of the brand rating firm, Mr. Taiwo Oluboyede, explained that Globacom topped the list with 83.8% of respondents (without prompts) listing Glo or Globacom as their first choice in the “top 10 of the mind brands”.

“This is the second time that Globacom, a proudly Nigerian brand, will be achieving the status of the Most Popular Brand in the country for the year”, he stated.

According to Mr. Oluboyede, “Brand popularity is the extent to which a brand enjoys recognition and retention in the minds of the people. This is largely measured by the extent to which customers are able to recall or recognize a brand under different conditions.”

“The Most popular brands are those whose light cannot be hidden under a bushel by reason of their impeccable corporate performance in the business environment. They have surpassed their products and services categories to become a part of everyday life across the land”, he concluded.

Globacom which marked 19 years of operations on August 29, this year, said the brand did not attain this level of recognition overnight: “It is a result of 19 years of meticulous commitment to innovative service delivery and commitment to continuously improve our customer experience, while empowering Nigerians.”

The Most Popular brand is an outcome of a top of the mind (TOM) survey where respondents are asked to mention 10 brands that come to their mind or which they could easily recall. This year’s survey had as respondents Chief Marketing Officers and Heads of Corporate Communications of major companies across the land. However, respondents were not allowed to mention their own brands to avoid prejudice.


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