FOR LADIES: Felvin, Ibuprofen and others can cause infertility

FOR LADIES: Felvin, Ibuprofen and others can cause infertility

By  Olaide Osayemi

NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti- inflammatory Drugs) are drugs used for relieving pain and fever. Which includes drugs like Felvin, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Ibucap, Naproxen and a host of others; these drugs causes infertility in women.

Women take these NSAIDs and they feel some relief and take even more. It gets to a point that they get used to it so much so that the dose they were taking initially isn’t strong enough to help with the pain, so they increase it, thereby getting to a level where you have some women popping an average of 10 tablets of Felvin every month!

Chronic (long) use of NSAIDs has been found to cause Peptic Ulcer. This is because of their effect on Prostanglandin (a special protective component of the stomach wall). Prostaglandins are also responsible for menstrual cramps. The more you have, the more the pain or cramps you feel.

Although, Prostaglandins cause menstrual pain but they also fulfill a helpful role by protecting the inner wall of the stomach from the stomach acid.

Yes, there is acid in your stomach. But it doesn’t burn because Prostaglandin is there to protect the body from it. Once the Prostaglandin is affected, it burns the belly. This burning of the belly by the acid is called stomach ulcer.

But note that such a greedy consumption of these drugs only lead to temporary infertility in woman. Once one discontinue the drug, then the possibly of getting pregnant is visible. One must take the issue of pregnancy serious if you are trying to conceive.

It is very funny when young ladies, especially teenage girls, complain of lower right-sided chest pain or heartburn that gets worse when they are hungry, and when asked what they have been using for the chest pain, they mention Felvin or any of the other NSAIDs. It’s like adding petrol to fire. The ulcer will get worse.

Most young ladies who are battling with Peptic Ulcer don’t know that it is because of the Felvin, Ibuprofen or Diclofenac they have been abusing. So they keep abusing it while the Ulcer persists and refuses to heal for years. Felvin or NSAIDs are not the only cause of Peptic Ulcer. Stress can cause it too; any form of severe stress can cause it.

Please note that these drugs, when used in moderation, don’t have these bad side effects, it is only when abused. Note that there are other drugs you can safely use for menstrual cramps without having to worry about Peptic Ulcer or infertility.


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